Week 31 – No Stain, No Pain

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Week 31 – No Stain, No Pain

Unfortunately, there is a LOT of stain, and sanding, and wiping, and polyurethane, so there is a LOT of pain!  Other than picking up the hundreds of plastic bottles, snack wrappers, and fast food bags left over from the subs our first manual labor for our house came in the form of staining the windows and doors and painting the interior window stops, sills, and posts.  The staining actually seemed easy enough but, geez, what a process!  The poly really got me.  It just goes on so thick and slow and uneven.  Then, after all that work, and overnight drying, you sand it and repeat.  I have to say though, the results are beautiful.  Every one of our Weathershield windows and Baird Brothers birch interior doors look like works of art.

Aside from the manual labor, the beautiful Artisan siding continued outside, the kitchen install got started, the gas was installed, and some major outside electrical work got finished.  On to the pics:


One of the five slab pocket doors I’ve been working on for three weeks (had to go back to work for a week)  It’s hard to see the deep stain and satin finish, but these are going to be some pocket door masterpieces!



The Chestnut Brown siding is pretty much done on the East elevation.  Notice the hose bib peeking out.  The plumber couldn’t put where it was on the plan for some reason so it ended up on this wall.  We made the decision to cap it in the subfloor since there is another hose bib on the other side of the wall.  The plumber will take care of this soon and we will FINALLY have a beautiful hose bib free feature wall.



I didn’t really think I would like the trusses as much as I do.  We almost made the decision to make these areas large eaves.  I’m glad we didn’t.  There’s something very majestic, and almost magical, about these HUGE beams cutting through the sky



Pretty cool shot of the Chestnut siding running along the east elevation.  We are actually about 350 sq ft short of this color (oops) so we have to wait a bit while more is ordered.  We used Artisan trim in four places: The inverted corner in the planter, the inverted corner at the right side of the front door, the inverted corner at the north side of the garage, and here at the inverted corner of the dining/playroom.  Even though a 2″x2″ would have created a smaller profile we couldn’t pass up the low maintenance of the Artisan, which, per foot, seems as heavy as a brick.  For design continuity, the long piece of the trim was always used at the longest wall.  Sherwin Williams did a stellar job of matching up both the Chestnut Brown and the Cobblestone colors.  We think it looks GREAT!



A better view of the Artisan trim.  The 2″x2″ casing has yet to be painted



A second coat of stain was applied today to darken up this beautiful ETO door



The kitchen install started in earnest this week.  Cirkel design handled the Ikea order, pick, and delivery.  They will also be performing the install.  Ikea kitchens are their specialty!



The baking and pantry area starting to take shape



The wall o’ glass is now a wall o’ plywood.  There is a three week lead time on the fixed glass but we need to turn the HVAC on and let the flooring acclimate so this is the solution.  We’ll have a “secure” house soon



Lots and lots of Ikea boxes….



A shot of the kitchen install from the public hallway



A view of the beautiful window stain



The inverted corner of the south elevation.  Surprisingly clean.  Can’t wait to see the sconces pouring light down the siding and on the T&G



Liam’s bathroom finally got the rest of the 3″x3″ tile all the way up the wall.  We were going to stop at the 12″x24″ band but it would make the mirror install tricky.  We think this looks more impressive anyway :)



Anne’s “blue door” gets a coat of poly.  Gorgeous!



Another view of the blue door showing the slight sheen the glossy exterior polyurethane



Those siding boys are good, but they sure are messy!



A tale of two colors; Cobblestone on the left and Chestnut Brown on the right.  We really love the contrast!



The entry way siding work is almost complete.  There will be two bronze sconces shining light to the ceiling, and down the siding.  How amazing is that going to look??? 😉



Garage siding is almost complete



It’s a good feeling to know the very best in the Hardie siding business is working on your house.  The crew from Supreme Contracting ROCK!



Up next:

– Siding work continues (Hopefully not waiting on Chestnut Brown too long)

– Anne and I are taking off the next three weeks to continue to paint, stain, and start trimming out the basement AND GET READY TO MOVE!

– Electricity to the house should be turned on!

– HVAC should be turned on!!!!! (You have no idea how hot it is working in this house with no A/C.  I wear two headbands to keep the sweat from burning through my eye balls

– Flooring will be delivered to acclimate

– Interior doors will be installed in basement

– Kitchen cabinet install continues