Weeks 39-51 Abandoned blog! Abandoned blog!

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Weeks 39-51 Abandoned blog!  Abandoned blog!

Ugh…Don’t you just HATE when you get invested in someone’s build blog, follow their weekly process, live through the triumphs and sorrows with them then……NOTHING! You wait and you wait. You check back daily. Hell, let’s be honest, you check back HOURLY! NOTHING! What happened??? Did they die in a fiery crash? Did aliens abduct them??? What other reason could someone blog weekly, sometimes even daily, take pics, give anecdotes, and then out-of-the-blue just DISAPPEAR??? Leaving nothing but cobwebs in the vast internet…

Well, I can’t speak for the bloggers I can only give you our own excuses. The top of that list is TIME. When we weren’t working at our full-time jobs, entertaining a five-year old, or working on the house until midnight we were trying to catch a little sleep. Secondly, our camera went M.I.A. for a few weeks after the move. Yes, we have iPhones but I had built a workflow around our DSLR for importing, renaming, and converting, and I didn’t have the time or energy to build a new one. Lastly, we are so close to the “final reveal” we really weren’t sure what we wanted to show as there has been progress, but it has been much slower and not so obvious.

Anyway, to hell with the grand reveal. It will come in the next few weeks, and will be shot by a professional photographer. We’ll hopefully have some punch list items knocked out and some art on the walls. Until then, enjoy a BUNCH of new pics of our “almost done” house!

The complete master bedroom!  Still need to hang some art.  Not sure what is going up on that beautiful Eichler wall.  Missing shades on windows.  UBER EXPENSIVE!



Bad exposure, but we moved over the dresser next to the window and it looks quite dramatic there…



Another shot of the dresser.  I needed to adjust the ISO and it’s been so long since I used the camera I forgot how!



The North Elevation now has a chair looking out to the forest.  Not sure how often we’ll use it, but I’ve caught Anne in there with the laptop while Liam and I are gaming.



A closer view of the chair next to the massive windows.  If you are wondering what the post-it is for we are using them to mark touch-up jobs.  Unfortunately, they’re EVERYWHERE!



Another shot of the bed and dresser.  The bed is Italian and features touch lights in the headboard.



Another shot of the chair and the neighbors treehouse.



The finished deck.  The painted parts are pressure treated wood and we have to wait a while for them to dry out before we can stain



The grill is in it’s final resting place.  The white film around the fridge is stainless, we are just going to wait until it is ready to use to remove it



Another view of the grill showing the proximity to the patio door



The fire pit.  We have already bought a new, modern insert.  This one came with the stone and, quite frankly, SUCKS!



The garage door looks a bit odd here.  The architect specified rough-sewn wood and this is what showed up.  We stained it with the chestnut and put two coats of poly on it.  During certain times of the day it blends beautifully with the hardie plank, other times not so much.  It doesn’t help that we have to wait until SPRING to stain/paint the PT wood



The East elevation showing the patio, firepit, and waterfall



I should have uploaded a video of the waterfall.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Water pours from the top then collects and dumps over the rocks quite violently.  We LOVE IT!



View of the waterfall and patio from the playroom



Another shot of the patio, which is almost completely covered in the middle, then partial shade with trellis at the East elevation



Wow, these pics are really out of order.   This is a closeup of one of the Weathershield window latches we finally got around to installing.   I plan to do a blog of what we love, and what we don’t soon but I will say that these Weathershield windows have exceeded our expectations.   They are GORGEOUS, operate well, and help keep the house comfortable



The corner of the guest bedroom showing the newly installed trim detail



We put our old leather queen bed in the guest bedroom with the sh*tty Jonathan Adler sconces and our cheap, but cool, Ikea lamps



The wall o’glass in the guest bedroom.  I don’t think anyone will be staying with us until we get some shades installed 😉



Wall o’glass shot #2 with the warm glow of the Ikea lamp



Anne’s Danish Chairs poster she got from her parents years ago works PERFECTLY in the grand hallway



Another shot of the grill.  The hole is for an umbrella we currently have stored in the garage



Another shot of the deck.  We have Certa-Pro painters coming out to repaint the glulam beams and the posts as soon as the weather cooperates



One of the beautiful rubbed bronze window pulls.  All the operable windows are casement



A really cool shot of the George Nelson pendant (Chandelier?) in the dining room.  The table was purchased many years ago during our “ultra-modern” phase, but I still think it works quite well here too.  We will eventually install Octagon carpet tiles under the table.



Another shot of the Nelson pendant looking out to the playroom and patio



The Eichler siding on the half-wall.  LOVE the texture



The massive quartz top on the half-wall



Another view of the dining/playroom.  There will eventually be a white leather L-shaped sofa dividing the two areas and a white Ball chair reproduction near the end on the right to create a nice reading area for Liam



The dining room again.  The toy storage in the background is still a work-in-progress



Liam’s bedroom complete with three million, eight hundred and seventy two thousand, six hundred and fifty four stuffed animals….Ok, I’m exaggerating, but there is a whole bucketful that is not on the bed!



Can’t get enough of these galaxy sconces.  Our architect knew what he was doing when he specified the light type and placement.  The whole house glows at night.  The night pics will be a whole separate blog



The staircase is finally finished!  We think it turned out beautifully.   The plan called for wire mesh but the cost was prohibitive.  We did use it downstairs.  We were concerned with how the Poplar would stain but it looks GREAT!



Anne finally started digging out her project room.  That’s when she found the camera!  There will be lots of stuff going on in here.  Liam’s custom clothes, halloween costumes, a proper desk for Anne’s office, painting canvas, and Liam’s drawing area



The basement finally got painted.  We hired the pros for this job.  What would have taken us four weeks took them two days.  You can see the stairwell mesh on the right.  While maybe not necessary from a “light” perspective, it opens up the basement to the main floor, instead of just being a long dark set of stairs going down



We installed all the switches and faceplates in the basement this week.  The half-sensor/half-switch ones were tricky to find



A shot of the stairs looking up.  The big hole at the top will eventually be covered with some custom egg crate register returns



The completed stairs going down….



We stained the guardrails with the chestnut brown and two coats of wipe on poly.  The pic doesn’t do it justice



Detail of the guardrail cables



Another shot of the guardrail cables looking down the private hallway



By the time we got to the basement doors I feel like an expert on staining and varnish.  All doors were from Baird Brothers.  We could have went cheaper down here, especially considering how the appraiser just jots down $65 a square foot no matter the finish, but we want to keep the feeling of the main level as much as possible



The massive 36″ door to the gym



We couldn’t be happier with how the basement windows trimmed out.  I was worried about the deep window wells but the trim guys found some pine with similar grain and we just stained and poly’d to match.  I wish all the upstairs ones looked like this!  It would certainly be a lot easier to hang shades



Another view of the gorgeous basement windows



The deep window wells were caused by having to create a “double-wall” where the foundation went about halfway up



I’m pretty proud of my wall-mounted monitor and cable box stand.  Now to get back on my exercise routine.  NO MORE EXCUSES!



The half-bath in the basement is functional, but still missing a mirror and towel holder.



The studio is online.  Really digging the sconces.  Temp curtains hanging until we get some shades.  Need to add acoustic panels



Bought the same doors for the utility rooms that are on the upstairs closets.  Love the simple look.  The plan called for louvered swinging doors but the HVAC guys said they don’t need them.  Besides, there is a two inch gap between the doors anyway



The mess that is the home theater



Close-up detail of the stair rail supports. They match the door hardware :)



I can’t say enough about the Nest thermostats.  It seems unfair to even call them that.  We have three of them and they are doing a fantastic job keeping us comfortable, and saving us money!



The Christmas tree came in this box.  It’s not going in.  Not without a fight



Even our crawlspace door got the stain and poly treatment!



The storage room is also the rear projection room.   We have a LOT of work to do here yet….



This shot shows the home theater, sans screen, looking into the projection/storage room



These built-ins will house the amp, cable box, and gaming consoles for the home theater



The screen will be 110″ diagonal.  Probably too big for the room but SO BE IT! 😉



The lovely MCM tile backsplash.  I can’t even begin to tell you want a treasure hunt this was….



The island cabinets from Ikea



The kitchen looking out to the patio door



Another shot of the kitchen with a lean toward the island



The microwave and built-in coffee machine with a shot down the grand hallway



We love our kitchen!



The “cubbies” as Anne calls them. (read: catch all for everything we’re too lazy to store in it’s proper place area) Custom teal color to match the front door



The range hood vent cover was extremely difficult to trim out.  I bought a vent hood I didn’t even like because it came with an extension.  Turns out the extension was for a wall AND the hole to the roof was in the wrong place, so we ended up having this custom made by a steel fabricator.  Anne painted the wood behind it sort of an antique white wash so it would blend with the ceiling



The big sprayer hose has come in quite handy.  Good purchase



There will eventually be three very cool stools under this island.  We ordered them 12 weeks ago!



Liam James cheezin’ in front of the island



A pretty cool shot of how the lighting works….



The “desk” ended up being too small to be usable but it DOES house our printer, and makes a great place to store office supplies, bills, etc.  Anne painted the wall with magnetic chalkboard material so we can keep our schedules posted, especially DINNER!



The pantry area next to the stunning patio door



A closer shot of the “baking” area


Up next:

Punchlist items that still need addressed:
– Big slider on wall o’ glass doesn’t open/close properly
– Screen missing on playroom slider
– Gas on grill and firepit need to be hooked up
– Patio needs to be finished
– Retaining wall will be extended and lighting added
– Exterior items painted